After 25 years I was ready to sell my business, ArborCo. I have known Belinda most of that time. I knew she would be able to help me transition from leading a team of 30 people in my own business that turned over $millions to taking the one part of the business that I loved most and working with that, and with a very small team of people to support me and my family. Belinda helped me prepare the business for sale, and helped prepare me mentally and emotionally for the changes that were going to happen in my life as a result of that change. I certainly couldn’t have done it so easily without her. Tree Transplanting Victoria is now going very well, and I am consistently busy, cashflow is strong.

David Caldecott – Tree Transplanting Victoria

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by Belinda Shaw. Her straight forward and direct manner has allowed me to reach all the outcomes I was seeking. Before working with Belinda I was wanting to achieve a number of goals in my personal and business life from making vital decisions in the direction of my business to getting a webpage up and running. With her business experience and guidance, she has given me new motivation to continue to go beyond my current thinking and aim high personally and in business. Thank you Belinda

Kathy Wyber – Mindset to Inspire, Victoria

Belinda Shaw is totally ethical and professional in her coaching. Belinda is humble in recognition of her many natural talents that are ideally suited to her as a Business Strategist. Her capacity to be flexible and calibrate, compassionate, curious, concise language, and possesses an uncanny understanding of what is required in any moment. I felt Belinda always had my back. The positive impact Belinda has had on my life’s journey is ongoing.

Garry Scadding – SILQ, Perth
Garry Scadding, is an expert in the field of sustainability across the environmental sector, SILQ Sustainability in Life Quality was created to become a global voice of sustainability.

Belinda has been my Business Coach for the past 12 months. During that time, we have refocussed my business into the area I love most and have established a specific clientele. As a result, turnover and subsequent profits have risen by 40%. We work on strategies to motivate, organise, and help me attain my financial goals. Belinda is an amazing professional, and well rounded coach. She has been there every step of the way and keeps me accountable, which is exactly what I need.

D Dolzan – The Wholefood Farmacist, Brisbane
Di'Anne is a Wholefood Chef specialising in Raw, Vegan & Vegetarian snacks, meals & desserts catering for 12 to 50 people.

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